Life is great

Life has been a bit crazy over the last couple of months and I just haven’t had the time to get on the computer to write. It’s been a whirlwind! I have bought a new semi right around the corner from my parents for a great price. And I have sold my townhouse for over the asking price! The real estate market has been absolutely ridiculous here. It’s been nearly impossible to buy a house, unless you are a millionaire! Staying in the tri-city area just wasn’t going to happen. So a smaller community, just outside, has turned out to be the place I will live now until the kids are done high school. Ironically they will go to the same high school I did.

I’ve also been on an amazing ride with my best friend who has now turned into my partner. After a few failed relationships post divorce I found myself falling in love with my best friend who I had met a year ago. Meeting my kids was my biggest fear but it’s all going so well and everyone can see just how truly happy I am.

After starting my new job on a medical floor in June my stress has greatly decreased. I am where I have always wanted to be as a nurse. Doing IV’s again, changing dressings on infected wounds, being able to hold conversations with most of my patients…. getting out of mental health was the best thing I’ve done for my own mental health.

It just seems like the major pats of my life are finally all coming together and working in unison. When things feel like they’re falling apart they may just be falling into place. I’m a happy nurse, Mom, girlfriend….things are falling into place!