The most dangerous kind of nurse

Great read! I have encountered so many different nurses as well over the years. One I remember was a veteran nurse of over 25 years. There were too many situations with her for me to write about. She was that older nurse who ate her young. I was a new nurse and when she came at me for no reason I questioned her reasons. I stood up to her politely yet stern enough to let her know I wasn’t going to take this abuse. She was unable to explain her reasons. Strangely enough she began to respect me and was friendly from there on. I often reminded her when she would attack yet another new nurse.

Nurse Abnormalities

Throughout my nursing career, I have been blessed to work with so many brilliant nurses. I can’t remember everyone, but because of human nature, I will always remember the really great nurses and the most intolerable ones. When I think of the worst nurses, I’m not entertaining catty personality conflicts, but more so considering nurses who were downright dangerous. Dangerous nurses put patient care at risk and may not even know they are doing it. Yes, there is always the tired nurse who may be more apt to make mistakes, or the nurse who leaves the unit too much, but the most dangerous type of nurse is the one who is overconfident and doesn’t ask questions.

When I started my first job in a cardiac medical ICU, I had a run-in with a dangerous nurse for the first time. Nurse A was just off orientation and her preceptors expressed…

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