Nurses and Mom’s, look after you!

I’ve had a sore throat with cold symptoms for the last few of days. More so than just your usual sore throat that comes with having a cold. The weather wasn’t cooperating so on top of that I had a migraine. But the sore throat was making it difficult to use my vaporizer for my MJ (medicinal marijuana) for the head pain. Now that the weather is cooperating at least I can pass on the vaping and concentrate on this throat. It was pretty painful yesterday but the kids were at school all day and therefore I didn’t have to speak. I kept thinking that in a few days I’d be clear and free of this feeling of a burning golf ball sitting in the back right side of my throat. I couldn’t swallow, which means I went the whole day on liquids only. It wasn’t until I felt my glands and realized the right side was very swollen…then the kids came home. My daughter retreated to her room without doing any of her post school chores. My son, who yes is a mamas boys, had a million things he wanted to tell me about his day. He too needed to be reminded of his post school chores. My only saving grace was technology! I could text them both!!! I hate texting the kids when they’re a room away but in this case I had to…or resort to writing out my commands! I knew after having to raise my voice once, that I’d be done, in horrible pain, so texting it was. After the post school chores were done, with some teeth pulling, I sat down to relax and watch some of my shows on the PVR. I had an instant feeling of dread. The back of my tongue seemed to feel thicker than it should. Swallowing was even more difficult, if that was even possible. Shit, it’s Friday at 4:30pm. I know I can’t get in to see my Doctor, plus she’s an hour away. I don’t go to the ER unless its a true emergency. But maybe this was? What if I have epiglottitis? What if my tongue is swelling from the infection? It could block my airway. A million things were running through my head. “Pull yourself together woman!!! The kids can stay home, go to the walk in clinic up the street!!” So that’s what I did. By the time I got in to see the Doctor, who was a very tiny Asian man. Smaller than me. I’m 5’1 and a size 5. How did this man find clothes to wear? He was a very pleasant. He could tell right away that I was in pain. I pointed to my throat.  He checked my ears, they were clear. He grabbed a tongue depressor and asked me to open my mouth. He didn’t even need the depressor, he practically jumped back from me. “Ooohh it’s very infected”. antibiotics, numbing throat rinse, Tylenol and Advil. 3 hours in total I had meds! Thank God. Ironically it’s Mothers Day weekend and we have plans to go to my parents place on Sunday. It’s Saturday morning now and I don’t really feel any better, but I’ve had 3 doses of antibiotics, I’m eating soft foods, and trying to rest. I’m grumpy, and feeling very impatient with my son’s crazy little antics that usually make me laugh. One thing Nurses and Mom’s need to remember is that we need to look after ourselves and not just our patients and our families. Leaving this for the whole weekend could have been very disastrous! This infection spread very quickly. He never did swab my throat, but the large white patches suggest step to me. However, I am not a doctor. All I know is it’s infected, I’m in pain and now I have the medications I should have gotten days ago.

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