Crazy sore throat remedy…

So I’ve had a lot of pain today with this throat infection. I’m a big believer in natural remedies despite the fact that I’m a nurse. I found a post that gargling with cayenne pepper and  warm water can have anti-inflammatory properties. So WTH I might as well try it. So I did…and I videoed the whole 2 minutes, but my blog subscription doesn’t allow videos or I would post it. It actually wasn’t too bad. My mouth and past the infection were on fire, but the actual infection didn’t hurt at all. I love spicy food so I didn’t rinse my mouth, yet swallowed my over produced saliva. Once the burning in my mouth settled I gargled again. Now that it’s been about half an hour I don’t really feel any difference in the swelling. If anything I think it took my headache away LOL. Later on tonight I’m going to try hydrogen peroxide diluted in water. The best home remedy that was suggested was apple cider vinegar…I think I have every kind of vinegar except cider.

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