My why…

I wanted to start off with a positive post as my first. But right now being a Nurse and a Mom are very difficult. I’m fighting a cold which makes doing either even more challenging then they already are. I also battle chronic migraine headaches and the weather here in southern Ontario is so up and down that my head is killing me all the time it seems. I woke up this morning finally pain free after 3 days of killer pain! With this cold on top made it 10 times worse, nonfunctional. Positive, positive, positive. I always try to look at a difficult situation and then try to figure out what kind of positive spin I can put on it. In this case I happened to be surfing through Instagram, this morning after the kids had left for school. I have today off. I follow nurseabnormalities and Katie Kleber and they have inspired me to start up my own blog about the challenges of being a nurse and a mom, but also to celebrate the great moments too. I always knew I wanted to be both a nurse and a mom, for as long as I can remember.  My Aunt would come over with my cousins and she would tell the latest stories of her patients in the ER. I was so enthralled, I could have listened to the traumatic details for hours. she was my inspiration. As for being a Mom, I guess it was just instinct, or maybe it was just “what was supposed to happen”. Regardless I knew that being a Mom was for me. My hopes in starting this blog is that it will be an outlet for the stresses and the celebrations of balancing being a nurse and a single mom…oh yes that’s a whole other post. I’m not just a Mom but a single Mom.

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