Life is great

Life has been a bit crazy over the last couple of months and I just haven’t had the time to get on the computer to write. It’s been a whirlwind! I have bought a new semi right around the corner from my parents for a great price. And I have sold my townhouse for over the asking price! The real estate market has been absolutely ridiculous here. It’s been nearly impossible to buy a house, unless you are a millionaire! Staying in the tri-city area just wasn’t going to happen. So a smaller community, just outside, has turned out to be the place I will live now until the kids are done high school. Ironically they will go to the same high school I did.

I’ve also been on an amazing ride with my best friend who has now turned into my partner. After a few failed relationships post divorce I found myself falling in love with my best friend who I had met a year ago. Meeting my kids was my biggest fear but it’s all going so well and everyone can see just how truly happy I am.

After starting my new job on a medical floor in June my stress has greatly decreased. I am where I have always wanted to be as a nurse. Doing IV’s again, changing dressings on infected wounds, being able to hold conversations with most of my patients…. getting out of mental health was the best thing I’ve done for my own mental health.

It just seems like the major pats of my life are finally all coming together and working in unison. When things feel like they’re falling apart they may just be falling into place. I’m a happy nurse, Mom, girlfriend….things are falling into place!

The most dangerous kind of nurse

Great read! I have encountered so many different nurses as well over the years. One I remember was a veteran nurse of over 25 years. There were too many situations with her for me to write about. She was that older nurse who ate her young. I was a new nurse and when she came at me for no reason I questioned her reasons. I stood up to her politely yet stern enough to let her know I wasn’t going to take this abuse. She was unable to explain her reasons. Strangely enough she began to respect me and was friendly from there on. I often reminded her when she would attack yet another new nurse.

Nurse Abnormalities

Throughout my nursing career, I have been blessed to work with so many brilliant nurses. I can’t remember everyone, but because of human nature, I will always remember the really great nurses and the most intolerable ones. When I think of the worst nurses, I’m not entertaining catty personality conflicts, but more so considering nurses who were downright dangerous. Dangerous nurses put patient care at risk and may not even know they are doing it. Yes, there is always the tired nurse who may be more apt to make mistakes, or the nurse who leaves the unit too much, but the most dangerous type of nurse is the one who is overconfident and doesn’t ask questions.

When I started my first job in a cardiac medical ICU, I had a run-in with a dangerous nurse for the first time. Nurse A was just off orientation and her preceptors expressed…

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Kids have to fend for themselves sometimes.

I am heading into my fourth week now of being off sick now with what I thought was mono. It’s very similar in presentation. My Doctor said all of my blood work came back negative for mono but clearly I was sick. It is a severe viral infection, and really, who cares what strain is at this point?

While being off work my kids have had to learn to fend for themselves a little more. Severe exhaustion has been one of my symptoms. I’ve been able to give them guidance…lol or maybe I should say bark orders at them, from the couch. They’re 10 and almost 13, my daughter being the oldest. Some days she’s been sweet and kind, wanting to do everything for me, including cooking for her brother.  Other days she turns into the girl from the exorcist!!! Her head spins around, and she screams and yells in that crazy scary voice. Most of the time she’s somewhere in between. I haven’t had to call a priest to perform an exorcism…yet!  Where my son is definitely a mama’s boy and will do just about anything for me with little or objection. However he tends to be glued to his ipod or the laptop, and has mastered selective hearing. He can literally block out everything going on around him. I have to get in his line of sight, or send him a text, or physically touch him. This skill may be of use to him in his future, I just hope it doesn’t get him into trouble! I’ve now taught him how to use the washer and dryer, so he could do some of his own laundry while I was sick.

I do have to give them some credit. They may have lived on cereal, cheese, eggs and bacon the last couple of week, but they haven’t gone hungry and they seem to be happy with life. I was also very lucky to have my parents a 45 minute drive away. My Dad is retired and often come out to help with meals and he’s working on finishing my basement. My Mom came as well a few times and they always brought precooked meals or groceries for us. The balance of being sick and being a Mom was extremely difficult but sometimes that’s just how life goes. It’s been nice not to have to worry about being a Nurse for the last 3 weeks. I have missed my patients, and the staff I work with. Now that I’m going to be starting on Medicine when I go back, I won’t get to look after those patients any more. The good thing is that the medicine floor has a locked unit for patients with dementias or behavioural issues. Mental health patients can still become medically unstable, especially as they get older, and my unit is where they would go when that happens. They are chronic patients, and I know that some of them are going to be on this unit for a very long time. I will definitely be visiting!

I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life as an RN on the medicine floor. It has been a long time coming and I can’t wait to get it started.

Crazy sore throat remedy…

So I’ve had a lot of pain today with this throat infection. I’m a big believer in natural remedies despite the fact that I’m a nurse. I found a post that gargling with cayenne pepper and  warm water can have anti-inflammatory properties. So WTH I might as well try it. So I did…and I videoed the whole 2 minutes, but my blog subscription doesn’t allow videos or I would post it. It actually wasn’t too bad. My mouth and past the infection were on fire, but the actual infection didn’t hurt at all. I love spicy food so I didn’t rinse my mouth, yet swallowed my over produced saliva. Once the burning in my mouth settled I gargled again. Now that it’s been about half an hour I don’t really feel any difference in the swelling. If anything I think it took my headache away LOL. Later on tonight I’m going to try hydrogen peroxide diluted in water. The best home remedy that was suggested was apple cider vinegar…I think I have every kind of vinegar except cider.

Nurses and Mom’s, look after you!

I’ve had a sore throat with cold symptoms for the last few of days. More so than just your usual sore throat that comes with having a cold. The weather wasn’t cooperating so on top of that I had a migraine. But the sore throat was making it difficult to use my vaporizer for my MJ (medicinal marijuana) for the head pain. Now that the weather is cooperating at least I can pass on the vaping and concentrate on this throat. It was pretty painful yesterday but the kids were at school all day and therefore I didn’t have to speak. I kept thinking that in a few days I’d be clear and free of this feeling of a burning golf ball sitting in the back right side of my throat. I couldn’t swallow, which means I went the whole day on liquids only. It wasn’t until I felt my glands and realized the right side was very swollen…then the kids came home. My daughter retreated to her room without doing any of her post school chores. My son, who yes is a mamas boys, had a million things he wanted to tell me about his day. He too needed to be reminded of his post school chores. My only saving grace was technology! I could text them both!!! I hate texting the kids when they’re a room away but in this case I had to…or resort to writing out my commands! I knew after having to raise my voice once, that I’d be done, in horrible pain, so texting it was. After the post school chores were done, with some teeth pulling, I sat down to relax and watch some of my shows on the PVR. I had an instant feeling of dread. The back of my tongue seemed to feel thicker than it should. Swallowing was even more difficult, if that was even possible. Shit, it’s Friday at 4:30pm. I know I can’t get in to see my Doctor, plus she’s an hour away. I don’t go to the ER unless its a true emergency. But maybe this was? What if I have epiglottitis? What if my tongue is swelling from the infection? It could block my airway. A million things were running through my head. “Pull yourself together woman!!! The kids can stay home, go to the walk in clinic up the street!!” So that’s what I did. By the time I got in to see the Doctor, who was a very tiny Asian man. Smaller than me. I’m 5’1 and a size 5. How did this man find clothes to wear? He was a very pleasant. He could tell right away that I was in pain. I pointed to my throat.  He checked my ears, they were clear. He grabbed a tongue depressor and asked me to open my mouth. He didn’t even need the depressor, he practically jumped back from me. “Ooohh it’s very infected”. antibiotics, numbing throat rinse, Tylenol and Advil. 3 hours in total I had meds! Thank God. Ironically it’s Mothers Day weekend and we have plans to go to my parents place on Sunday. It’s Saturday morning now and I don’t really feel any better, but I’ve had 3 doses of antibiotics, I’m eating soft foods, and trying to rest. I’m grumpy, and feeling very impatient with my son’s crazy little antics that usually make me laugh. One thing Nurses and Mom’s need to remember is that we need to look after ourselves and not just our patients and our families. Leaving this for the whole weekend could have been very disastrous! This infection spread very quickly. He never did swab my throat, but the large white patches suggest step to me. However, I am not a doctor. All I know is it’s infected, I’m in pain and now I have the medications I should have gotten days ago.

My why…

I wanted to start off with a positive post as my first. But right now being a Nurse and a Mom are very difficult. I’m fighting a cold which makes doing either even more challenging then they already are. I also battle chronic migraine headaches and the weather here in southern Ontario is so up and down that my head is killing me all the time it seems. I woke up this morning finally pain free after 3 days of killer pain! With this cold on top made it 10 times worse, nonfunctional. Positive, positive, positive. I always try to look at a difficult situation and then try to figure out what kind of positive spin I can put on it. In this case I happened to be surfing through Instagram, this morning after the kids had left for school. I have today off. I follow nurseabnormalities and Katie Kleber and they have inspired me to start up my own blog about the challenges of being a nurse and a mom, but also to celebrate the great moments too. I always knew I wanted to be both a nurse and a mom, for as long as I can remember.  My Aunt would come over with my cousins and she would tell the latest stories of her patients in the ER. I was so enthralled, I could have listened to the traumatic details for hours. she was my inspiration. As for being a Mom, I guess it was just instinct, or maybe it was just “what was supposed to happen”. Regardless I knew that being a Mom was for me. My hopes in starting this blog is that it will be an outlet for the stresses and the celebrations of balancing being a nurse and a single mom…oh yes that’s a whole other post. I’m not just a Mom but a single Mom.